Dobros & resonator guitars

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This post about dobros and resonator guitars sprung from Old-time music: Genres of influence, our article about the influence of old-time music on the musical style of Tony Huber & Friends as well as the Tresbear Music label in general. What is a resonator guitar? A resonator guitar (aka resophonic guitar) is an acoustic guitar with one or more metal [...]

Old-time music: Genres of influence

By |2020-08-12T14:21:56-05:00September 29th, 2016|Music genres, old-time music|

This post about old-time music is our third article in a series highlighting music genres of influence with regard to Tresbear Music, Tony Huber & Friends, and other partners, friends, and associates of the Tresbear Music label of Dickson, Tennessee. The first two articles focused on Gypsy music and Celtic music. What is old-time music? Old-time music, sometimes referred to [...]

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