History of the acoustic guitar

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Here we will give a brief history of the acoustic guitar. Where did the acoustic guitar come from? From which ancient instruments did it evolve? The lute It seems the origin of the lute - an instrument used in a great variety of instrumental music from the medieval (5th to the 15th century CE) to the late Baroque (1600 to [...]

Dobros & resonator guitars

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This post about dobros and resonator guitars sprung from Old-time music: Genres of influence, our article about the influence of old-time music on the musical style of Tony Huber & Friends as well as the Tresbear Music label in general. What is a resonator guitar? A resonator guitar (aka resophonic guitar) is an acoustic guitar with one or more metal [...]

Old-time music: Genres of influence

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This post about old-time music is our third article in a series highlighting music genres of influence with regard to Tresbear Music, Tony Huber & Friends, and other partners, friends, and associates of the Tresbear Music label of Dickson, Tennessee. The first two articles focused on Gypsy music and Celtic music. What is old-time music? Old-time music, sometimes referred to [...]

Musical instrument forums

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Another music industry list from Tresbear Music This post focuses on websites that provide information, forums, and/or interactive communities for both specific musical instruments and genres of musical instruments. The topics discussed (e.g., threads) on these musical instrument forums range from issues specific to particular instruments to general music issues, from beginner level all the way up to the highly [...]

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