Tresbear Music Featured Song

A few months ago, when the newly revised version of our website – – went live, I (Tony Huber) asked a number of close friends and family members to review the website and provide some honest feedback. My nephew, Nicola Biddle, stated that he really liked the local music approach and suggested that we highlight certain songs that demonstrate the quality of the music coming from Tresbear Music Studios and some of the highlight the talented, innovative artists and songwriters that we work with on a regular basis.

So, beginning in September of 2020, we are going to be featuring a new song every so often showcasing various writers, musicians, and genres who record music here at the Tresbear Music recording studio. We hope you enjoy it!

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Tresbear Music Featured Song

To Tennessee
by Randy Bryan and Friends

Co-written by: Randy Bryan, Bob Nobles
Vocal: Drew Halley
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Nobles
Bass: Bob Nobles
Fiddle: Hyram Posey
Mandolin Zach Dyke

Recorded at Tresbear Music Studio
Fiddle recorded at Charlebois Studio

Track Engineer: Adam Alsbooks
Mastering Engineer: Ray Dryden

This was the first time we have had Drew Halley record in the studio. She is a pleasure to work with and as you will tell when you listen a very talented vocalist.

Tresbear Music Featured Song

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