Recording studio open for business in Dickson, TN

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Tony Huber of Tresbear Music has a small but excellent recording studio open for business in Dickson, TN. Much of the relevant information can be found here, but please feel free to contact Tony Huber. Call Tony at 615.789.3158 or email him at to find out more about the Tresbear Music recording studio, to book time, or to schedule [...]

Tracking: A key process in music recording

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This is the first article in a series examining three key components in the music recording process: tracking, mixing, and mastering. Tracking is the actual recording of an instrument or voice that will be used in a song or tune. Each instrument is given its own track or file on the computer. In some cases the instruments are recorded at [...]

Recording studio equipment resources

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Another music industry list from Tresbear Music Whereas our previous list concerned musical instrument dealers, in this post we list and briefly review dealers of recording studio equipment. Once again, we're listing recording studio equipment resources & dealers with whom we've dealt directly with positive experiences and thus can recommend to others who might be shopping for studio electronics and [...]

Microphone research, final decision: Miktek C7

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After an exhaustive investigation and detailed sound testing by Ray Dryden (Audio Engineer) and myself (Tony Huber), Tresbear Music has decided to adopt the Miktek C7 as its primary studio microphone. We looked at mics that were both more and less expensive than the Miktek (including even the German-engineered standard that is Neumann), but we found that the C7 provides [...]

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