History of the mandolin

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Here we will give a brief history of the mandolin. Where did the mandolin come from? From which ancient instruments did it evolve? In general the evolution of today's mandolin went something like this: Lyre - Lute - Mandola - Mandolina - Mandolin. Mandolins evolved in Italy from the lute family of stringed musical instruments during the seventeenth and eighteenth [...]

Celtic music: Genres of influence

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The Celts were people in the Iron Age[1] and Medieval Europe[2] who spoke Celtic languages and had cultural similarities. The history of pre-Celtic Europe remains very uncertain, and the exact relationship between cultural, linguistic, and ethnic factors among the Celts remains controversial. Who were the Celts? The exact geographic spread of the ancient Celts is also disputed. According to one [...]

Gypsy music: Genres of influence

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In the last post -- Music genres influencing Tresbear Music - we listed a few music genres that have influenced Tony Huber & Friends as well as Tresbear Music in general. We thought it would be both educational and interesting to take a closer look at some of these genres of music - their origins, their evolution from then to [...]

Audio frequency in music & sound engineering

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By Ray Dryden, Audio Engineer I would like to explore how notes on a musical scale relate to frequencies in the human hearing range. Although the science of audio frequency in music and sound engineering can get highly technical, we're writing this article with the layperson in mind. Having had some experience as a sound engineer, I am constantly thinking [...]

Basic equipment needed for a recording studio

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Recording Studio 101 In this series, we will describe the basic equipment needed for a recording studio. You'll also find some links to related articles that detail our own recording studio here at Tresbear Music in Dickson, TN. This article is the first in our Recording Studio 101 series. Here, we start with the first piece of equipment required in [...]

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