Miktek C7e microphones

Miktek C7 microphone, choice of Tresbear Music in Dickson, TNAfter an exhaustive investigation and detailed sound testing by Ray Dryden (Audio Engineer) and myself (Tony Huber), Tresbear Music has decided to adopt the Miktek C7e as its primary studio microphone. We looked at mics that were both more and less expensive than the Miktek (including even the German-engineered standard that is Neumann), but we found that the C7 provides the most complete package for the dollars invested. We will use other mics for certain instruments when appropriate. We found that the Miktek C7 provided a very rewarding experience when recording voice.

Mackie Big Knob

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Pro Tools

Pro Tools comes with everything you need to create professional-quality music and audio. From powerful recording, MIDI, and score editing tools, to studio-staple sound processors and full mixing automation, Pro Tools is fast and fluid for composing, editing, and mixing big productions with up to 128 audio tracks, 512 instrument tracks, and 1,024 MIDI tracks.

From VCA Masters, Track Freeze, and professional metering, to the unrivaled ability to automate practically every element in your mix, Pro Tools makes the art of mixing music and soundtracks fast and easy. You can even explore alternative versions of a song or soundtrack with Project Revisions. And take remote control from an iPad with the free Pro Tools | Control app.

Genelec Studio Monitors

Creativity requires the best tools. Genelec’s range of studio monitors covers multiple audio monitoring applications from large broadcasting and post-production studios to audio production in small studio environments. Genelec professional studio monitors provide an accurate sound reproduction with outstanding clarity, definition, and neutrality – a quality that you can always trust.

Every single decision you make in the recording or mixing process involves your monitors telling you the absolute truth about what you’re hearing: otherwise it’s like trying to paint a picture while wearing sunglasses. Genelec monitors deliver a completely truthful reference, allowing you to hear the finest details of every sound without any artificial coloration. What you hear is the real deal.

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Professional 20 In/20 Out Firewire Audio Interface with Eight Pre-Amps

Eight high quality, award-winning Focusrite pre-amps provide the best sounding interface in its class
High-quality 24-bit/96kHz Firewire & Thunderbolt-compatible interface provides pristine audio quality and guaranteed reliable synchronization
Total I/O count of 20 inputs and 20 outputs, with a host of I/O options provided
Includes Softube Time and Tone Bundle, Focusrite’s Red Plug-in Suite, and monthly Focusrite Plug-In Collective offers, all available via download upon registration
Two separate headphone buses allow two artists to receive independent and fully-customized monitor mixes

Ultra Huber Pro Headphones

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