Wire energy: Audio cables for recording music

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Wire energy: Audio cable basics for recording music with quality sound I was thinking recently about how many times I was at a recording studio or on a stage where live music was being performed and there was some sort of a problem. (Well... of course, there are always issues of some sort - I'm not talking about  someone being [...]

Basic equipment needed for a recording studio

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Recording Studio 101 In this series, we will describe the basic equipment needed for a recording studio. You'll also find some links to related articles that detail our own recording studio here at Tresbear Music in Dickson, TN. This article is the first in our Recording Studio 101 series. Here, we start with the first piece of equipment required in [...]

Recording studio equipment resources

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Another music industry list from Tresbear Music Whereas our previous list concerned musical instrument dealers, in this post we list and briefly review dealers of recording studio equipment. Once again, we're listing recording studio equipment resources & dealers with whom we've dealt directly with positive experiences and thus can recommend to others who might be shopping for studio electronics and [...]

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