studio monitorsThe studio monitor is the next item we’re addressing in the continuing process of upgrading the Tresbear Music recording studio. For those new to the recording studio, the purpose of the studio monitors is to provide the most accurate representation of audio that has been mixed. When buying home speakers, you want speakers that make your music sound the best. The audio engineer needs to hear every single blemish and other potential issues that may need correcting. Perhaps most of us — or the audiophiles with high-end speakers, at least — have noticed minor mistakes in some of the best music ever recorded. Here are some notes re: upgrading the studio monitors…

This Sweetwater article covers the dynamics of buying studio audio monitors, delineating a number of helpful issues like active vs. passive speakers, room size and acoustics, the role of the subwoofer, and the rolestudio monitors of the monitor in mixing audio. Another good resource is the Studio Monitor Gear Guide (PDF), a buying guide from Pro Sound News. (This article is fairly technical in nature & is oriented toward the “technically suave&quot of us… the audiophiles.)

For those of you familiar with recording studios, the most expensive studio monitors will not always be the best fit for a given recording studio. Often in smaller recording studios, smaller studio monitors will actually provide a more accurate representation of the sound.

Setting up the engineering room and acoustically tuning it is absolutely key to the process of setting up new studio monitors. We are looking at a number of excellent studio monitors that would be particularly good in a smaller recording studio such as that here at Tresbear Music. One example is the Adam F7 Nearfield Monitor. As of Wed Feb 19, we are still looking. Ray and I are going to look at some studio monitors in Nashville tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Should any of you — whether friend, well-wisher, amateur, tech-savvy, or audiophile — have any suggestions, please submit your feedback in the Comments section at the bottom of this post.

Resources: Upgrading the studio monitors