group of acoustic musicians playing - music party at the bearcaveWe would like the thank some of the people who’ve made Tresbear Music possible. Here’s a partial list of the wonderful people that help make Tresbear Music recording studio a great place to create music.

Bob Nobles: A bit of everything
Brian Kelly: Our first audio engineer
Stuart Bonnington: Banjo
Gretchen Priest-May: Fiddle
Stan Lawrence: Guitar
David Boisvert: Horns and winds
Matt Shumacher: Fiddle
Adam Allsbrooks: Tracking engineer
Ray Dryden: Head engineer
Karen Huber: Support
Ned Biddle: Support
Joel Huber: Support
Stephen Frasier/ OneWeb Dickson: Website, SEO, content, social media marketing

… and so many other friends of Tresbear Music.

I heartily and sincerely thank you. I tip my hat to you all! All of you help make Tresbear Music special.

We’re confident that the best years for Tresbear Music recording studio in Dickson, TN are ahead of us.

Stephen Frasier

OneWeb Dickson