Miktek C7 microphone, choice of Tresbear Music in Dickson, TNAfter an exhaustive investigation and detailed sound testing by Ray Dryden (Audio Engineer) and myself (Tony Huber), Tresbear Music has decided to adopt the Miktek C7 as its primary studio microphone. We looked at mics that were both more and less expensive than the Miktek (including even the German-engineered standard that is Neumann), but we found that the C7 provides the most complete package for the dollars invested. We will use other mics for certain instruments when appropriate. We found that the Miktek C7 provided a very rewarding experience when recording voice.

There’s yet another advantage when our DAW software (ProTools 11) is considered. The wave patterns on ProTools 11 are substantially fuller when looking at both voice and Miktek logo – studio quality microphones
instruments vs. the other microphones we tested. According to Ray Dryden, our audio engineer, this allows more flexibility when EQing.

Our research into studio microphones has been a long process, but we’re pleased to make the Miktek C7 as the primary microphone for the Tresbear Music recording studio. This decision feels right.

Resources – Microphone research, final decision: Miktek C7

Miktek C7 microphones, choice of Tresbear Music in Dickson, TN