Beartracks: Friends – Original acoustic music by Tony Huber & Friends

Celtic tunes

Galway Coast
Piney River

Gypsy tunes

Corsican Coast
Hungarian Caravan


Antigua Beach
River Waltz

Bluegrass fiddle tunes

Random Thoughts
Nathatlie’s Stuff
Beaux’s Grin
Marching with a Smile
Just in Time
Song for a Friend

The Players:

  • Gretchen Priest-May – Fiddle
  • Stan Lawrence – Lead guitar, mandolin
  • David Boisvert – Woodwinds, penny whistle
  • Stuart Bonnington – Banjo
  • Bob Nobles – Bass guitar, rhythm guitar
  • Tony Huber – Mandolin


    • Ray Dryden – Head engineer
    • Adam Allsbrooks – Tracking engineer
Beartracks-Friends by Tony Huber & Friends


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Liner notes

After two years, we have concluded our second project. Included are thirteen songs that I have written. Two are Irish in nature. Three have that Gypsy feel. Two are waltzes. One is a march (not what you would normally expect in an acoustic CD). Five are fiddle tunes with both bluegrass and old-time influence. These songs were written over a period of about two years, and like the first CD, were influenced by places and people important in my life.

Since the first CD we have constructed a new studio and office. We have two new Audio Engineers, Ray Dryden and Adam Allsbrooks. I cannot thank them enough. They are simply a pleasure to work with while maintaining an extremely professional quality of work. We also upgraded the physical equipment and software that we used. As a result, we have moved to an approach that adds more production value while keeping true to the feel of acoustic music. We feel that you will enjoy the overall sound and that you will hear very true representations of the instruments used. We are proud of the progress we have made.

Once again, my friend Bob Nobles, who again plays rhythm guitar and bass, co-produced this project. His support and suggestions were key to the directions the project took. He also provided great support. There’s nothing quite like working with a long-time and trusted friend.

The fabulous artists who agreed to work on this project are the same as on the first project. We think the new studio and office provided a much improved atmosphere to play music in and our artists were able to reach deep within their very talented musical souls and provide us with music that really shines.