Wire energy: Audio cables for recording music

Wire energy: Audio cable basics for recording music with quality sound I was thinking recently about how many times I was at a recording studio or on a stage where live music was being performed and there was some sort of a problem. (Well... of course, there are always issues of some sort - I'm not talking about  someone being [...]

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The bass guitar: An unexpected path to music theory

My unplanned path to music theory via electric bass guitar By Tony Huber I have been playing musical instruments fairly seriously for over thirty years now. I've played the bluegrass and folk genres primarily, so my need for music theory was fairly limited. I played either by tab or by ear, and simply did not need music theory at that [...]

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Recording studio open for business in Dickson, TN

Tony Huber of Tresbear Music has a small but excellent recording studio open for business in Dickson, TN. Much of the relevant information can be found here, but please feel free to contact Tony Huber. Call Tony at 615.789.3158 or email him at tbearnkaren@gmail.com to find out more about the Tresbear Music recording studio, to book time, or to schedule [...]

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People who’ve made Tresbear Music possible

We would like the thank some of the people who've made Tresbear Music possible. Here's a partial list of the wonderful people that help make Tresbear Music recording studio a great place to create music. Bob Nobles: A bit of everything Brian Kelly: Our first audio engineer Stuart Bonnington: Banjo Gretchen Priest-May: Fiddle Stan Lawrence: Guitar David Boisvert: Horns and [...]

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History of the mandolin

Here we will give a brief history of the mandolin. Where did the mandolin come from? From which ancient instruments did it evolve? In general the evolution of today's mandolin went something like this: Lyre - Lute - Mandola - Mandolina - Mandolin. Mandolins evolved in Italy from the lute family of stringed musical instruments during the seventeenth and eighteenth [...]

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Dock Boggs, legendary old-time banjo player

Dock Boggs (1898–1971) was an influential old-time singer, songwriter, and banjo player and one of the original, legendary hillbillies to record what is now known as old-time music during the 1920s. He was largely forgotten for decades until the 1960s folk revival breathed new life into his career at the twilight of his life. Boggs's dozen recordings from 1927 to [...]

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History of the acoustic guitar

Here we will give a brief history of the acoustic guitar. Where did the acoustic guitar come from? From which ancient instruments did it evolve? The lute It seems the origin of the lute - an instrument used in a great variety of instrumental music from the medieval (5th to the 15th century CE) to the late Baroque (1600 to [...]

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Bruce Molsky, premier American old-time fiddler

This article is about Bruce Molsky as perhaps the premier traditional American old-time fiddler. Like other recent articles on the Tresbear Music blog, this post sprang from our detailed examination of old-time music as one of the music genres serving as inspiration for Tony Huber & Friends and other bands on the Tresbear Music label in Dickson, Tennessee. Bruce Molsky [...]

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Dobros & resonator guitars

This post about dobros and resonator guitars sprung from Old-time music: Genres of influence, our article about the influence of old-time music on the musical style of Tony Huber & Friends as well as the Tresbear Music label in general. What is a resonator guitar? A resonator guitar (aka resophonic guitar) is an acoustic guitar with one or more metal [...]

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Americana music: Genres of influence

With The Americana Music Festival (aka Americanafest) happening last week in nearby Nashville, this would be a great time to look at what Americana music is. The first definition we will use is from the article by Harry Lipson in the online music journal, No Depression: the Journal of Roots Music, "How do you define Americana music?" Americana music is [...]

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