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Hello to everyone. Our Dickson recording studio reopened in June after a brief closure due to the pandemic. We are keeping sessions relatively small, with a limited number of people in the tracking room and the control room. Your friendly engineer will address any concerns you may have with regard to COVID-19, and we sanitize the studio and related equipment between recording sessions. Let’s get back to jamming. I look forward to seeing you soon! – Tony H.

We’re a recording studio

Dickson recording studio Tresbear MusicIf you’re an artist looking for a small, affordable, professional recording studio west of Nashville, consider making an appointment to check out the Tresbear Music recording studio in Dickson, Tennessee. We’ve been helping small local artists record, mix, and master their music for over five years now – and we’ve only just begun!

Explore our website further to find out more about our recording studio, the equipment we use, and much more.

Simple demo special

The simple demo is often used as a scratch track. Scratch tracks can be useful in several ways and for various reasons. A properly recorded scratch track can serve as a demo which you can use later for further work on your project. Scratch tracks are often brought to the recording studio for reference in creating more refined recordings. Leaving a click track in your mix will help prepare you for the studio as well as give you a scratch track for reference in subsequent takes.

Tresbear Music Featured Song

Featured Song

Our newest feature (which began in September 2020) is the Tresbear Music recording studio’s featured song. To be considered for the Tresbear Music recording studio’s featured song, the song must have been recorded locally at the Dickson recording studios of Tresbear Music. We welcome your comments.

Take me to the latest Tresbear Music recording studio’s featured song!

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Wire energy: Audio cable basics for recording music with quality sound I was thinking recently about how many times I was at a recording studio or on a stage where live music was being performed and there was some sort of a problem. (Well... of course, there are always issues of some sort - I'm not talking about  someone being [...]

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My unplanned path to music theory via electric bass guitar By Tony Huber I have been playing musical instruments fairly seriously for over thirty years now. I've played the bluegrass and folk genres primarily, so my need for music theory was fairly limited. I played either by tab or by ear, and simply did not need music theory at that [...]

Recording studio open for business in Dickson, TN

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Tony Huber of Tresbear Music has a small but excellent recording studio open for business in Dickson, TN. Much of the relevant information can be found here, but please feel free to contact Tony Huber. Call Tony at 615.789.3158 or email him at tbearnkaren@gmail.com to find out more about the Tresbear Music recording studio, to book time, or to schedule [...]

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Pen, Pick & Play

Pen, Pick & Play just might be the most enjoyable and unpredictable live music venue in all of Dickson County!

Pen, Pick & Play happens every Tuesday evening beginning around 6pm and may last three hours or even longer, depending on what’s going on, who shows up, and so on.

Sometimes five people show up, and sometimes more than 20 people come to play and/or enjoy live acoustic music. Our weekly email already includes over 30 music fans. Join us and check it out.

Are you a songwriter? A musician? Bring whatever you’ve got and join us for some great music and good, clean fun!

Yesterday’s Treasures Today

Talk a walk down memory lane…on the corner of Cherry and Main, Atop Hwy 70 bypass..come and get lost in Yesterday’s Treasures Today, featuring over a century’s worth of virtually every type of antique you can think of!

Logo - Yesterday's Treasures Today Marketplace in Dickson, TN
This is the succinct description of Yesterday’s Treasures Today (YTT) on their Facebook page; however, we are not going to focus on their amazingly varied selection of items right now. As it happens, Randy Brian – YTT owner – is one of the more avid music aficionados and connoisseurs in Dickson, Tennessee!

Brian is such a fan of music that his centrally located store property is transformed into a music venue for aspiring local artists on a weekly basis. Music night at Yesterday’s Treasures Today has come to be well-known in the area as Pen, Pick, & Play – a suitable name, indeed. Pen, Pick, & Play happens every Tuesday night at YTT, centrally located in downtown Dickson, Tennessee. You can find out much more about Pen, Pick, & Play elsewhere on this website.

House of Brews / House of Vines

Logo - House of Brews in Dickson TNThe House of Brews is a craft beer bar and restaurant on S. Main St. in downtown Dickson, TN. We also serve liquor and have a full menu. The House of Brews is a non-smoking environment.

Dan and Sharon Smith own House of Brews and House of Vines on Main Street in downtown Dickson, TN as well as the Dickson Athletic Club just off Highway 70 in Dickson. Dan Smith, a special forces veteran, is also a world champion in judo.

Dickson special forces veteran owns bars and a gym. Here are some of his thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic, the shutdown, impacts on restaurants, and the national food supply. Read Dan Smith’s full article in the Tennessean

House of Brews on Facebook

House of Vines on Facebook

House of Vines – Menu on Facebook

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