Ray Dryden, Audio Engineer

February 12, 2014

Ray Dryden bio

Ray grew up in Nashville and quickly became interested in performing. While singing was his favorite activity early on, he later focused on behind-the-scenes technical interests. Before and during high school, Ray was already running sound for plays and local singers performing in small clubs around Nashville. In college, Ray began creating sound effects for theater performances and continued live audio support as the stages got bigger and bigger.

In 1979, he started touring with Dottie West, mixing stage audio for her many performances in nearly all fifty states. One year, there were more than 200 shows over the span of 250 days on the road. Ray spent nearly five years working for Dottie and one more year was spent working with Tammy Wynette. Ray mixed house sound for Tammy Wynette and added more world famous venues to his travels, including six countries in Europe. The venue experience Ray treasures most to this day is his show at Carnegie Hall.

After all of the road travel, Ray worked locally doing audio and stage tech work. Seeing the evolution from analog to digital, Ray returned to school and studied computer programming. In 2000, Ray went to work at The Renaissance Center as Assistant Technical Director. During eight years at The Renaissance Center, theater was the main focus and Sound Design became a daily activity. In 2008 — after hundreds of performances, concerts, and events — Ray finally set out on his own in a continuing search for that ever-elusive, perfect sound.

These days, Ray still sings for fun but spends most of his time recording various artists in the studio. More recently, Mr. Dryden has joined the team at Tresbear Music where he is guiding a major upgrade to the studio as well as engineering for ongoing projects.

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