Results of recording studio upgrade

March 20, 2014

It’s time for another update — this time, regarding the results of our continuing recording studio upgrade.

Now that the ADK Pro Audio computer, Pro Tools 11 audio production software, Focusrite Pro 40 audio interface, and Miktek C7 studio microphone Miktek C7 microphone, choice of Tresbear Music in Dickson, TNhave all been installed and implemented in the Tresbear Music recording studio, what practical differences are apparent so far?

One immediate difference is that while testing, Ray Dryden (our more-than-capable Audio Engineer) mentioned that the new rig made one of our less expensive mics, the MXL 2006 microphone, sound much better than than it did before, when we used the mic to record while using our older audio production gear. According to Ray, the new studio equipment will give us more options and better sound quality — far better, we believe.

We are now looking into plug-ins which will add features to the Pro Tools 11 audio production software. Ray has had great success with CSR Classik studio reverb plug-in, a plug-in with great bang for the buck… $99 gets you a suite of four high-end, studio-quality reverbs modeled after popular outboard classics.

So far, the only negative aspect concerning the CSR studio reverb plugin is that in order to register the product and thus authorize authorize its use, one must have an Internet connection for the computer it’s installed on. For various reasons (including security), we wanted to avoid having an Internet connection on the DAW computer. We reluctantly bought a D-Link USB wifi network adapter in order to download and register the CSR product. Now all Mackie Big Knob studio command centerwe’ll have to do to eliminate the broadband connection is disconnect the network adapter from the workstation.

We also ordered a Mackie Big Knob studio command system, which is more or less an audio control center. The Mackie Big Knob allows better control of output to the control room, including direct communication to the headphones to the artists recording from the isolation booth (aka vocal booth, live room). Should you want an in-depth review, check out the Mackie Big Knob review by Sound On Sound.

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