Growth & change in our recording studio

November 6, 2013

The room that is now the studio was originally a bedroom with two single beds. We placed the mics in the area past the beds occasionally using the room between the beds. The beds provided absolutely wonderful insulation for the recording environment. After the decision to make the room a full-time studio, we removed the beds. What had before been an ideal recording area turned into a reverberating tomb. After some investigation, we learned about Owens Corning 703. We obtained 36 sheets and had them encased them in wood boxes, some 48″ x 24″, some 24″ x 24″ and some triangular for the corners.

recording studio of tresbear music – the bearcaveNow the room is even better than it was with the beds in it. Originally, the engineering room was next to the studio, but only had a door between them. The engineer had to guess by sound what was going on. This led to a lot of confusion from players and the engineer alike. We have now put a 24″ x 36″ window in the wall above the engineers work table making it a much more work friendly recording environment.

Under the engineer’s worktable we have placed two conduits for wires, making for a neater work environment. The panels of insulation are hung on wooden pegs on the walls and can be moved and changed easily. Our next step is having a sound engineer come in to “tune” the recording room. He feels that the configuration should work well and will be easily reconfigurable for varying recording needs.

The final step is making the hard and software decisions regarding a Digital audio workstation. A significant consideration: Apple vs. PC; after that, we’ll decide upon the audio recording software. Some still recommend Pro Tools, but not because it is the best software; reather, it’s the most widely used digital audio workstation software. There are quite a few of software options. One that seems to get the most recognition as a result of both ease of use and breadth of uses is Sonar. This decision is being postponed until the engineer for the future projects is hired. We want to make the decision together.

Well, we are getting close to getting a full-fledged studio up & running. Once the hardware and software decisions are made, we’ll be reevaluating the mics; more on that later. Sound on!

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