Tresbear Music update: June 2014

June 4, 2014

NOTE: This was an email update that went out to all our subscribers the morning of June 4, 2014.

Hello friends,

This is Tresbear Music’s third email blast. Since we have some new subscribers, this blast will include both new and repeat information.

Beartracks: Journeys (1st album)

We are continuing to sell Beartracks: Journeys from three different vendors: iTunes, CD Baby, and Google Play from our website. You may buy the CD, download individual tunes, or download the project as whole. You can listen to two sample tunes anytime. We have added a lot of content, posts, photos, and videos. We strive to make the site more user friendly, easier to navigate, and more intuitive as it grows.

Our blog

Tresbear Music's blog

The Tresbear Music blog has a wide variety of posts. There are posts about the music industry with a primary focus on various aspects of acoustic music. We also have compiled a number of helpful lists with links to worthwhile sites when appropriate. There are posts concerned with recording, concerning both studio equipment and the recording process. We want the site to be a useful source of information for professionals and novices alike.

Beartracks: Friends (2nd album)

We are starting the process of recording our second CD, Beartracks: Friends. We have completed the scratch tracks, which are given to the artists to help them prepare to record. Scratch tracks are generally instrumental. We are now in the process of recording the rhythm tracks, which artists will record to in the studio). The new CD will be much like the first CD in musical style; however, we’re working toward a far cleaner, fresher sound on this project, thanks to better recording studio equipment.

Exciting personal news

I have some personal news that I wish to share. I am engaged to Karen Conover. We plan to get married in the fall of this year. We had the pleasure of sharing this moment at the Antigua Tennis Fantasy Week. Thanks to all of you for welcoming Karen into our tennis family.

Tony Huber

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