Acoustic music party at the Bearcave

February 24, 2014

Acoustic musicians jam at Tony’s house

We had a wonderful acoustic music party at the Bearcave here in Dickson, TN (Sat, Feb 22, 2014). My special lady, Karen, made an outstanding presentation of food. After we pigged out, we had some really fine acoustic rendering in the living room.

We played and eclectic assortment from traditional bluegrass tunes like "Road to Columbus," bluegrass fiddle tunes like "St. Anne’s Reel," traditional county like "Five Pound Bass," and even some awesome original tunes written by Bo Jamison.

From Beartracks: Journeys we had Stuart Bonnington, banjo, Bob Nobles, rhythm guitar and Tony Huber, mandolin. We were very happy to have Roger Harper on standup bass, John Morse on guitar, Craig Owensby on mandolin and guitar, Bo Jamison on guitar and Tami Sturges on fiddle. Stephen Frasier, our webmaster, took photographs at our little residential hoedown; and Ray Dryden, our audio engineer, took video (and later performed with some nice vocals)!

We will be posting pictures and more videos in the media section of our website. Be sure to check out the pics and video when you have a chance!

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