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March 3, 2014

Another music industry list from Tresbear Music

Whereas our previous list concerned musical instrument dealers, in this post we list and briefly review dealers of recording studio equipment. Once again, we’re listing recording studio equipment resources & dealers with whom we’ve dealt directly with positive experiences and thus can recommend to others who might be shopping for studio electronics and related gear. (This is by no means a comprehensive list.)

Local studio equipment resources

Guitar Center of Nashville
We spent most of one recent afternoon in the listening room with a tech consultant, Zach West. He was well educated, patient, and non-assuming. The store was a bit busy for my temperament and some of the consultants were not as respectful. The Guitar Center had a good selection of monitors, mics, and live gear.
721 Thompson Lane, Nashville TN 37204

Online studio equipment resources

ADK Pro Audio
We ended up buying our new computer, audio interface, and software from ADK in a package deal. They have an excellent website that makes customizing a computer for the purposes of a DAW (digital audio workstation) very easy. ADK also has a knowledgeable staff to augment the online experience.

Adorama is a very solid photographic dealer in our experience.

B&H Photo, Video, Pro Audio
In our experience, B & H is a very solid resource for photographic and video equipment.

Ken Rockwell
While not a dealer per se, Ken Rockwell is the best source I have found when it copmes to high-end photography. His suggestions and knowledge in this area are simply priceless whether your are buying a new camera, seeking tips on how best to use it, or evaluating lenses.

Sound Pure
We bought our new Miktek C7 microphone from Sound Pure, whose website provided helpful, easy-to-find microphone info. They have a good selection of recording studio equipment, instruments, and related gear. The salesperson I talked with on the phone was very helpful.

Sweetwater Music Instruments & Pro Audio
Sweetwater is an excellent online resource with a wide selection of recording studio gear as well as a knowledgeable & helpful staff.

This list was ordered alphabetically and thus implies no value judgement.

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