group of acoustic musicians playing - music party at the bearcaveMy name is Tony Huber

My goal is to bring out original acoustic music written by local artists as well as by yours truly. We sell original acoustic music in both CD and downloadable formats. We have set up a digital recording studio that produces quality material and provides a peaceful fun atmosphere in which to create that material.

Creating a recording studio in Dickson, TN

Over the past 12 years I have written a number of tunes, primarily on the mandolin, but using other acoustic instruments as well. Back in 2011 I had the idea of recording these tunes on an Zoom H4 handheld recording device by some of my musical friends and myself and then releasing it to friends. The result was awful… not due to the Zoom H4, but mostly because my friends and I did not rehearse the songs enough to play well together as a band! The engineer, co-producer, and I got together and realized that some changes would need to be made. We converted a bedroom to a recording studio (and there for a while, the two single beds were still in it… more on that later). Our first attempt resulted in a fairly primitive recording studio but at least it included a digital audio workstation (DAW); however, after some remodeling, we’ve got a real recording studio! We reached out to some very talented local musicians to record the same material as a studio album. One year later, we had a finished product: Beartracks: Journeys — recorded, mixed, and mastered.

A blast from the past

The following comes from the 2013 archives…

We have formed an LLC and a company. We are currently in the process of publishing and releasing the project. While that is going on, we are in the process of upgrading the studio. The beds are gone. Unfortunately, they provided a wonderful source of acoustic insulation. We are now working to Friends of Tony Huber casually picking: acoustic instruments, mandolin, guitarreplace that with Owens Corning 702 in moveable panels. I started with so little vision and knowledge. I am still a novice, but I find that the goal of providing a wonderful place to makes one’s music ideas a reality is a very strong and intrinsically powerful reason for being.

We’ll be using the Tresbear Music blog to express the journey toward knowledge and understanding that I am in the process of going through. The areas of growth are music, recording, both digital and in general, audio engineering, legal, publishing, finances, and much more. Hopefully, our journey will be both interesting and helpful to you.

— Tony