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Beartracks: Family will be released about one month from now. As in all the other Beartracks CDs, Family’s tunes are all instrumentals written by yours truly, Tony Huber. The same cast of musicians will be playing along with Matt Schumacher, an outstanding fiddler on a number of the bluegrass, Gypsy, and waltz tunes. We feel that will be by far the best CD in the Beartracks series as far as the quality of the musicianship and the production values. Anyone liking any of the past Beartracks CDs will be sure to enjoy Beartracks: Family.

George, our mascot (above in the hat), and the rest of the Tresbear Music family want to welcome you to the Tresbear Music website. We hope you will find a warm and friendly environment that overlays a serious attempt to provide a wide variety of music-related information.

If you look in our blog section there is a wide variety of music-related posts, with graphics, that examine both general and specific music topics. We are constantly upgrading posts and writing follow-up posts to fill in our informational base. Tresbearmusic.com has received way more traffic on our blog section than we anticipated and had to upgrade our site to handle that traffic. We love that you come to enjoy our posts.

We also provide ways for you to buy and listen to our music product. We are a studio after all. Short snippets of our songs are available so you can decide if our music is something you would like to buy. There are links to our product at the following vendors, iTunes, Google Music and CD Baby, where our products can be purchased.

There is much more on the site. We invite you to look at all the sections and enjoy all the fun that is Tresbear Music.

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Bluegrass Unlimited review of Beartracks: Friends (Tony Huber and Friends, 2016)

With his second release, mandolinist and tune-writer Tony Huber is going all in, writing all 13 tunes here, betting on his own creativity. For the most part, he succeeds. Backed in different configurations by Gretchen Priest-Mayon fiddle, Stan Lawrence on guitar and mandolin, David Boisvert Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine on woodwinds and pennywhistle, Stuart Bonnington on banjo and Bob Nobles on bass and guitar, the tunes he has written have a light, lyrical appeal. While you don’t necessarily find yourself whistling them hours later, they are pleasant to here and he draws on several musical styles. Several, including River Waltz, Piney River, and Galway Coast are Irish in sound and presentation, colored by Boisvert’s pennywhistle for added effect. Old-time and bluegrass are represented by the stately tunes Just in Time, Beaux’s Grin, and Random Thought(s), while a touch of Cajun creeps into Nathalie’s Stuff.
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