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Over the past eight years I've written a number of tunes, primarily on the mandolin, but using other acoustic instruments as well. About a year and a half ago, I had the idea of recording these tunes on an Zoom H4 handheld recording device by some of my musical friends and myself and release it to friends.

We’re proud to announce the release of our first project, Beartracks: Journeys by Tony Huber & Friends – the first of many acoustic projects to be released.

The album section of the website provides in-depth information on each project available. To get a feel for the style of Tresbear Music, we have provided a media section with photos and videos.

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Bill Forester, Bluegrass UnlimitedBill Foster
Contributing Writer - Bluegrass Unlimited
Foster’s Corner


This is a pleasant instrumental project from Huber and friends, showcasing his original songs with mostly Celtic feel. Huber plays mandolin, and his friends include Gretchen Priest-May (fiddle), Stan Lawrence (guitar), David Boisvert (woodwinds), Stuart Bonnington (banjo), and Bob Nobles (bass). The Celtic strains are heard throughout with titles that include “Sailing the Irish Sea” .

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